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Wowo’s Interior Finisher

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You’ve cleaned it, now PROTECT it! Wowo’s INTERIOR FINISHER is an anti-static cockpit finisher designed for all interior plastics and other hard surfaces. INTERIOR FINISHER leaves a soft satin sheen and a clean, fresh scent.

Wowo’s Interior Finisher is the best thing for your interior plastics and vinyl surfaces! The water based formula with UV inhibitors, anti-static capabilities and a fresh scent means this is exactly what you want and need to protect your interior. This interior dressing leaves a nice satin finish, but if you want a shiny surface just add a little more and wipe it down!

  • WATER BASED: No Silicones
  • UV PROTECTION: Helps to Protect your Interior Plastics.
  • ANTI-STATIC: Keep Your Car’s Interior Cleaner Longer and Protected.
  • SAFE FOR ALL SURFACES: For Use on Plastics, Vinyl, and Leather.


  1. Give the bottle a good shake
  2. Make sure the trigger sprayer is pointing away from you, unless you want to eat or wear Interior Finisher(we don’t advise this)
  3. Spray on the affected area you wish to condition and protect
  4. Wipe off with a high quality microfibre towel
  5. Apply a second coat for extra shine