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Wowo’s Fallout Remover

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What can’t you see or feel, but know is there? The fallout particles embedded into your paintwork, that’s what! Simply use WoWo’s FALLOUT REMOVER and watch the particles ooze out of the paintwork.

Wowo’s FALLOUT REMOVER is exactly what you need to remove the embedded particles and iron deposits in your paintwork. This is a necessary step in your car’s maintenance routine. Loaded with Surfactants, FALLOUT REMOVER dissolves iron and other particles causing a reaction that makes your car look as though its bleeding purple. But don’t worry! What you’ll end up with is smooth paintwork that’s ready for claying or polishing. Just spray on and let dwell, watch it bleed, then agitate the surface and rinse! Easy as that!

  • Essential part of the detail: Fallout remover helps dissolve particles embedded in your paintwork.
  • Safe for all surfaces: Can also be used as a wheel cleaner to quickly and easily remove stubborn brake dust particles
  • User friendly / Fresh lemon scent: Most fallout removers on the market stink pretty bad – but not WoWo’s fallout remover! Effectively knocks out nasty contaminants without knocking you out too!
  • Rich lather: Loaded with surfactants to help break down any nasty contamination into a rich lather with surface agitation


  1. Give the bottle a good shake
  2. We Strongly recommend cleaning the vehicle beforehand
  3. Spray liberally all over the contaminated areas
  4. Allow Fallout Remover to work and ‘Bleed’ the contaminants out of the paintwork
  5. Don’t let Fallout Remover dry on the panel
  6. Rinse the vehicle thoroughly after use