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Wowo’s All Purpose Cleaner

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You want an all-purpose cleaner? Well, we’ve got one of the best! Wowo’s ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER is an excellent choice for cleaning anything from your interior plastics, to door checks, to engine bay plastics and everything in-between (even the kitchen sink).

Wowo’s ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER is great for cleaning all surfaces. Dirty Engine?  Done! Dirty Tire/Rubber? Done!  Bug Removal? Done  Greasy Fabrics? Done!  Can be diluted up to 1:20 depending on the application with a fresh clean scent and great lather, as well as powerful surfactants to help dissolve grime. Wowo’s ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER is the safe and easy choice. Super easy to use. Spray, Scrub, Wipe! This product has so many uses, we challenge you to find your favorite!

  • ESSENTIAL PART OF EVERY DETAIL: Safe For Cleaning And Decontaminating All Types Of Surfaces
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE BUG REMOVER: Assists in the removal of baked on bugs from the front of your vehicle
  • WORKS GREAT IN A SPRAY FOAMER: Ability To Produce Thick, Long Dwelling Foam That Easily Breaks Up Dirt And Grime Using Your Favorite Foam Sprayer (Such As The iK FOAM PRO 2 or PRO 12)
  • DEGREASER / CLEANER: For Effective Use On All Rubber, Plastic, Fabric, Etc.
  • HIGHLY DILUTABLE: Easily Dilutes To Fit Your Needs From 20:1, 10:1, or 1:1 Depending Upon Use/Application


  1. Make sure the trigger sprayer is pointing away from you
  2. Spray on the affected area
  3. For stubborn areas of dirt, leave to saturate for 30 seconds to a minute
  4. Rinse off or Wipe off with a quality Microfibre cloth
  5. Yes, it really is that easy to use!