• Platinum Wrapping Film (PWF) Color Swatch Book - Prime Finish Car Care
  • Platinum Wrapping Film (PWF) Color Swatch Book - Prime Finish Car Care
  • Platinum Wrapping Film (PWF) Color Swatch Book - Prime Finish Car Care
Prime Finish

Platinum Wrapping Film (PWF) Color Swatch Book

Let your fingers do the walking and the actual colors do the talking with this Platinum Wrapping Film (PWF) Color Swatch Book.

PWF is probably the most exclusive brand for car wrapping on the European market. In comparison to many other brands, PWF offers only exclusive colors with special color pigments or effects, especially in the matt metallic sector. These films are produced in small quantities and available as an exclusive line only to selected and licensed specialized companies.
Thus PWF is the right choice for all those, who are looking for an individual and not everyday wrap for their car. With a PWF installation you can be sure, that your car is wrapped in a very rare and unique color, which you will probably not see on the street a second time.

The PWF exclusive line products are available from carefully selected PWF partners and only available with the wrapping of your car. This is the only way, we can ensure, that your expectations in regard to the material and the final result are fully met. These PWF wrapping specialists are united by many years of experience and the passion for vehicles and the filming business. Here you will get competent consultations along with the professional installation of your PWF color of choice.

PWF Standard Line:

Great colours, exciting pigments and a range of effects – even our Standard Line packs a punch, meaning every vehicle is sure to turn heads. Our PWF range would not be complete without these gems – and neither would you.

PWF Exclusive Line:

Typically exclusive: The Exclusive Line is only available from PWF specialists, who will also fit the product. Exceptional colours and an outstanding finish ensure the very highest quality – you will be sure to attract envious looks!

PWF Limited Edition:

Exclusivity at its Highest Level

PWF presents a new dimension of film exclusivity: the strictly limited special series „Limited Edition“.

PWF now offers individual, exceptional colors in strictly limited quantities.  A limited number of rolls of each color will be produced, limiting the number of vehicles wrapped in any one color.

Each roll receives an individual serial number, e.g. 05/50 or 50/50, and each “Limited Edition” driver will receive a high quality trophy stating the serial number of their PWF “Limited Edition” color roll.

More exclusivity is not possible – according to the PWF motto: “Exclusive Color for your Car!”.