Kranzle KHD7/122TS Portable Electric Pressure Washer with Total Stop

  • $1,499.00
  • - $-1,499.00

We offer our products with one philosophy: all products must be thoroughly tested in house to proof its performance and quality. There is no exception on this one, we trust Kranzle build quality and performance, same as our other Made in Germany products like Microfiber Madness, this thing is a work horse. We've used it at least 2-3 hours a day for almost two years, that's probably 4-5 years of average customer's usage time, still runs smoothly and quietly as day one.


The the most professional machine of its class due to a super quiet, soft start, slow running motor (1400rpm). Can withstand voltage fluctuations of up to approx.10 % Extremely handy and compact design.  This unit features a stainless steel frame and handle for durability and long-life.

A major reason for the success of Kranzle products is the great importance attached to the in-house Research and Development centres at the Illertissen Plants in Bavaria. State-of-the-art CAD systems help to provide superior product quality and optimize production processes.

The heart of each high pressure cleaner is the high pressure pump. The Kranzle pump heads are made entirely of forged brass (with a 10 Year Warranty) to ensure top quality and a long service life. All pumps are manufactured on CNC machining centres with electronic control systems to guarantee maximum precision and compliance to specifications.

The quality of the Kranzle product range is accentuated by our exclusive 2/3/10 Year Warranty Programme. Specifically, this warranty means that your Kranzle high pressure cleaner is covered by a full 2 year, unlimited hours warranty. Furthermore, if your machine is one of the hot water ‘Therm’ models, the boiler grade steel heating coil is covered for 3 years. Additionally, the pump head in all Kranzle pressure cleaners is warranted against stress failure for 10 Years – absolutely unique in the High Pressure Cleaner industry!

Please note: Warranties exclude wear and tear items such as o’rings, hoses etc.

Features and Equipment
  • Made in Germany
  • Steel braided high pressure hose – 10m Nw 6
  • Trigger gun with safety catch 'Midi'
  • Dirtkiller lance with stainless steel pipe
  • Fan-jet lance with stainless steel pipe