• CarPro Eraser Oil & Residue Remover - Prime Finish Car Care
  • CarPro Eraser Oil & Residue Remover - Prime Finish Car Care

CarPro Eraser Oil & Residue Remover

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Eraser by CarPro was initially developed as pre cleaner to remove all oils from the paint surface and prepare for the best possible adhesion for CQuartz, CQuartz UK and Reload paint coatings, Thus replacing the need for IPA (Isopropanol Alchol) which was considered the best method to removed polishing oils from paint surface.

Recent developments have taught us that due to the high evaporation rate of IPA it's only effective in lifting oils to the surface, it does not however dissolve them, even at very low dilutions, additionally the high evaporation rate of IPA can also lead to marring being induced on soft paints when completing a wipe down procedure. Eraser not only lifts polishing oils and residue to the surface, but also dissolves them as well as providing enough lubrication to avoid marring on soft paints and leaves a static free dust repellent surface which is then prepared for your final step product, safe in the knowledge it will achieve maximum adhesion to the paint. Eraser also eliminates the requirement for dilution ratio measurements or the associated risks of getting it wrong and accidentally softening the paint. Eraser contains no silicone or gloss enhancers like a quick detailer, it is completely safe for use in paint areas, body shops, and finessing areas. It is perfect for new car showrooms to eliminate fingerprints, dirt, dust and grime and will leave a perfect finish.  


  • Use as final wipe down before applying waxes, coatings or sealants
  • Safe to use on all exterior painted surfaces
  • Can be used to clean glass surfaces