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CQuartz Leather & Vinyl Coating 30ml

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CQuartz Leather & Vinyl semi permanent nanotech coating is designed to protect delicate automotive leather and vinyl surfaces for years to come. Unlike other leather protectants CQuartz is designed to 'lock in' the leather finish as is and provide a barrier between itself and environmental exposure for years to come.

CQuartz leather will prevent your leather finish from 'glossing' due to repeated exposure to body oils and fats which are introduced to and absorbed by the surface through regular usage as well as offer resistance to the material warping or cracking under repeated prolonged UV exposure without fading or yellowing, additionally CQuartz Leather will resist the mechanical wear of passengers climbing in and out of the vehicle. CQuartz Leather & Vinyl has been tested against a variety of chemicals and conditions including mud, grease, dye transfer, crayons, and even super glue and is proven to resist stains better than any traditional leather product. Protecting your interior is just as important as protecting your paintwork, and now with CarPro's CQuartz Leather and Vinyl you don't have to compromise your ability to give these delicate perishable services the protection they need.


  • Durability: 1 to 2 years
  • Resists dye transfer
  • Hydrophobic & Oil Phobic
  • Stain resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • UV resistant
  • "Easy clean" affect
  • Preserves color and resists fading


  • Finished Leather
  • Vinyl
  • Synthetic leather
  • Interior plastic and Wood


Full Leather Seats medium Sized Sedan 10-15ml


Step 1 Thoroughly clean all leather surfaces to be treated with CQuartz Leather using CarPro Inside. Leave to dry for 2 hours. Step 2 Apply 6-8 drops of CQuartz Leather onto the suede applicator included in the kit and work into the leather, applying more product to applicator as required. Step 3 Wait 3-6 minutes and buff off residue with a microfiber towel. Coating will be touch dry after 10 minutes, avoid water contact for at least 4 hours. CQuartz Leather will be fully cured in 3 days. Precautions: 
  • Use protective gloves
  • Wear a mask or breathing apparatus
  • Test on inconspicuous area first